There are 10 million current living species of life on Earth.  They all have their challenges, but for the most part they live in peace – live in 100% harmony with their particular design, which design exists because they fill a niche in the awesome, spectacular oneness that is Earth and life on it.

All but one.  The one, modern humans, for the most part don’t return to living in peace much at all.  The reason is because, several thousand years ago, we began the process of giving away our passion, our freedom, our birthright over to other humans to make decisions for us, manage and rule and restrain us, tell us how to raise our kids and even what food to eat.  So we’ve lost our naturalness, our freedom, our passion, and we are frustrated and angry – and rightly so.  What are our options?

  • Accept humanity as it is (allowing it to get progressively and incrementally worse)
  • Get angry (people tell us we need to get over our anger, fix ourselves, don’t focus on what’s wrong in the world but instead focus on what’s wrong inside me)
  • Try to change things (seems difficult to impossible)
  • Support someone or some group with a better way (that “better way” ends up being a lie, costing us $ billions of our hard-earned money, ends up turning MORE power and control over to politicians and governments, and the problem they promised to address gets WORSE <example: Education>).

No wonder we’re frustrated! No wonder we started this cause!

There are 2 issues here:

  • We are trying to put band-aids on symptoms, instead of isolating and correcting the Root Cause.
  • We lack unity – the power of numbers. Unity requires a shared vision, not about the details of how we choose to live our lives, but at the highest level (where ALL humans, being a single species, are alike). If even a small critical mass of us have a shared vision and speak in unity, there is NO POWER ON EARTH that can deny us ANY wish or desire.

Governments have gone beyond being Public Servants, and are actually oppressing the very citizens they are supposed to be serving.  But the fault lies not in them but in us – we have given them so much of our money, our choice, our freedom, our passion, our power, that we have lost the quality-of-life that every species enjoys.  Admitting that we have given large chunks of our life away, empowers us – if WE gave it away, WE can decide to take it back.

Will governments and leaders voluntarily downsize?  Of course not.  That is why we, united and with a shared vision, must demand that they return to their proper role as Public Servants.

Join us in our cause to help us all return to peace.