It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society” – J Krishnamurti

Do you wish the world (of humans) could live in peace, instead of in hate, terrorism, war, killing, destruction?  Great news – we can!  We can, now. Interested?  Here’s how.

First, we need to know what “peace” is.  It is NOT sitting in front of your flat screen TV with a bowl of popcorn (although that might be quite comfortable).  Instead, peace for ANY species is when that species lives in 100% harmony with its design.  There are currently 10 million species of life on Earth, and every one of them except one lives in this 100% harmony – that one – humans – is living in opposition to its design.  The result is the hate, terrorism, etc. mentioned above.

Second, we need to know how we stopped living in peace.  Everything was fine until about 20-40,000 years ago when humans became self-aware.  Dr. Mark Leary, Harvard professor, in his book The Curse of Self, describes the tremendous burden that self-awareness placed on these early ancestors, a burden that literally drove them insane.  They concocted gods – gods of the weather, fire, crops, threats from other tribes, and they sacrificed their own women and children on alters to these gods to try to appease (bribe) them for favors (to get through the winter, provide food, etc.).  When you murder your own people – that’s insanity!

Along came some enterprising humans with a proposition:  “We see the burden you are under.  We can make you safe and prosperous, make your lives easy.  All we need is for many of you to leave your homes and villages and go hundreds of miles away to build pyramids to show others how powerful we are.  And many more of you to also leave your homes to fight in wars of conquest and domination.  And by the way, we will need much of the proceeds from the food you hunt and gather – it takes money to build pyramids and fight wars.  But all that is a small price to pay for the easy lives you will have.  Trust us – we’ll take care of you.”

This was the beginning of “government” – the addictive but false promise that some “other people” will take care of us, make us safe and prosperous, make life easy.  Well, we’ve had 20-40,000 years of that promise – leading directly to modern life today.  I think you will agree that many governments, and the politicians and bureaucrats who administer them, have gone way beyond their proper role as “public servants.”  In fact, many governments today are actually oppressing the very people they are supposed to be serving.

I have a question for you.  If gorillas are expected to be 100% gorilla, and the same for bears, tigers, birds, and all the rest of life on Earth, why does one species (humans) need to be governed, ruled, led, managed, restrained?  Can we not be allowed or trusted to live freely, like the rest of life on Earth?

We teach our kids history so they will know who and what they are.  The version we teach them goes back 5000 or so years, with Egyptians building the pyramids and fighting in campaigns to dominate others.  But that is not our history at all – in fact, the last 5000 years is a very short and recent period of time where we have abandoned our history and our ancestry.  We are teaching our children a lie about who they are, and a species cannot survive on the basis of a lie.  We are living in collision with our natural human design, and the result is the hate, frustration, and violence that dominates our news.  Our real history, a glorious saga, goes back 3 million years.  One relative, Lucy (Australopithecus), was walking around on 2 feet just like you and I, with a skeleton just like yours and mine, getting food and raising young, 2.3 million years ago.

You’re thinking: “Assuming all this is true, so what?!  We can’t go back, can we?  We’re not going to get rid of government or politics.”

We don’t need to go back or to get rid of government.  But what we DO need to do is for humanity, all 7 billion of us, to come together, to unite around a shared vision of the life we want, a life of peace.  This doesn’t mean everyone lives the same way – in fact differences and diversity are facts of all life.  But it does mean that at the highest level, we realize that we are all human, and we all have the same basic desires (to raise families in safety, to benefit from the efforts of our hard work, etc.).  Humans, all of us, are 99% the same, with the same wants and needs.  The current global climate of hate, enemies, separateness is a useless, immature, childish fantasy.  We need to replace the fantasy of “We are all different” with the truth: “We are all 99% the same.”

Unfortunately, modern governments are the global mirrors of our frustration and hate.  When we insist on returning to peace, governments will be returned to their proper role as public servants.  But they will never do this voluntarily – we must speak as one to demand it.

Only two things are needed to turn humanity in the direction of peace:

  • Unity
  • Numbers

The numbers are obvious – when even a small critical mass of us bands together, we will generate a voice which leaders and governments will hear.  As our numbers increase, no power on Earth can deny our requests.

Unity requires a shared or common vision, and you can take action to create this vision today.  We need your input – what are the elements of this vision that MUST be included in order for it to be a guiding vision in your life and the lives of your family and those to come?

So go to our website.  Give us your contact information (i.e. email address or etc.).  There is no cost or obligation.  We will contact you to begin a dialogue, as we start the process of turning humanity in the direction of living in peace.  I look forward to hearing from you and meeting many of you, as we move in this new direction.