Sorry to all you God Bless America singers, but let’s take a look at the words you are singing:

God bless America – Is He blessing us? Are we acting in a manner that God would bless?
Land that I love – Do you? How do you show it?
Stand beside Her – Do you? How do you show it?
And guide Her – Do you? How do you show it?
…with light from above
From the valleys and oceans full of foam …
God bless America, our home sweet home –

Is America your and my home? Do we keep it clean, safe, pay our bills, invite our family friends and neighbors and bravely protect our home, refusing entrance to those who would rob us, kill us, hate us, wish to tear down everything our ancestors fought and died to build up? Is your home clean? (clean in every sense?). Be honest.
And is this home sweet home of ours safe and nurturing for our kids?
Next time you sing this – at a baseball game with players’ $$ multi-million contracts (while your kids’ teachers barely makes enough to live on AND to deliver the best education they can, they buy supplies with their own meager resources for your kids, supplies that the school board says it can’t afford.
Next time you are getting high on your medical or recreational marijuana, reflect that kids walking by the pot store on their way to school are getting a contact high. Some will become potheads, and some (our next generation, our hope, our future) will commit suicide (suicide is the 2nd greatest killer of youth in the U.S.). Am I saying that pot is causing suicide. In a way I am, because young alcohol, pot and drug addicts are surely at more at risk for suicide.
But don’t worry – maybe someone else will fix it (for you). In the meantime, don’t wear yourself out.