Are you familiar with Bonobos?  They (not chimps) are our closest relatives.  Just learning a little about them is enough to see the resemblance.  They are almost extinct – the only ones left are in one small area in Africa.

Did you know that 17,000 or so years ago there were as many as 4-5 other human species co-existing on Earth? All (except us humans) disappeared – I’ll leave it to you to guess at the probable cause of their extinction.  Next are bonobos, gorillas, elephants, tigers (there are now more tigers in captivity than in the wild)  – turns out we humans aren’t as peaceful and tolerant and kind in the real world as we are in our delusional self-adoring minds.

No wonder we’re anxious, angry, neurotic – we’re a species that, at its best, lives in groups, intimately, eye to eye, face to face.  Yet, like the junkyard dog, we are so deprived of closeness, love, touch, tenderness that we lash out in suspicion and rage at anyone who tries to make contact or be nice.  And why do we do that?  Because we’re also selfish, prideful, arrogant.  So instead of speaking our truth honestly, we “put on a happy face,” depriving ourselves and others of the healthy intimacy, closeness, fellowship on which humans thrive.  Instead, we obsess and are addicted to money, ego, the pitiful need to be “right” (and make the other person wrong), titles, cars, appearances, looking and acting like children when we are adults.  Not a pretty picture – not a healthy species – a species in decline.  If a new species emerges, I’d like to join it.  How about you?