The Three R's


It’s hard to tell if humans are part of life on Earth, or whether it is humans vs. life. We don’t know our true history or our true ancestors. We don’t know how we got from where we were (a free and vibrant species) to where we are (virtual vassals to big, power-hungry nations). THE THREE R’S: Government for the Way People Live! reveals an event which happened 7000 years ago, and which explains where we are today. It then describes The Three R’s, a formula which will take us from the destruction and killing and economic turmoil of today, to a new era of small governments and healthy, prosperous communities.

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Isn’t it so human – screw up a beautiful world beyond recognition, then whine and complain because some politician can’t wipe up your mess! The reality: we got ourselves into this mess, and only we can get ourselves out. “Life is way too complex for a Handbook; and terrorism is so deep and complex, that no one can correct it.” Baloney! If just a few of us agree, and start to do the hard work of developing a shared vision, we can move mountains. Our belief and
passion can spread like wildfire, creating a movement that can change a hairless and destructive runaway species into a long-term member of a sustainable world, protecting and preserving instead of polluting and destroying. This book is less about ideas and more about action. If you want to have a purpose; be a hero or heroine; help create a sustainable world; then start by reading. But don’t stop there. Act, get involved, make this YOUR movement. All the tools are here – your job is to grab them, and join us as we move to a new millennium.