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Fascinating interview concerning the long-term consequences of Australia’s carbon tax, and how the political process ignores long-term consequences and what is best for the very people that it is supposed to serve, and instead makes short-term decisions based on political career-enhancers and personal profits.

This is actually scary.  The premise here is that we have a governmental machine (supposedly a public servant) that is so devious and twisted that its motives are at odds with those who it promises to serve (and, in this promising, is exposed as the global liar that it is).

But we can’t blame governments.  The blame must go to US, because it is the POWER AND MONEY, tons of it, that we have given these flawed humans who wear the same pants and go to the bathroom in the same way we do that is the problem.

So what’s the solution?  Very simple:

  1. acknowledge that we created the problem
  2. having created it, we own it, we are not victims, and we can decide to change it
  3. in maturity, unite, come together, realize that us 7 billion humans are 99% alike rather than different.  So in this alikeness, give input to the creation of a common vision, a Global Grassroots Vision that humans everywhere can embrace.
  4. When even a small fraction of Earth’s humans unite, NO power on Earth can deny ANY wish, desire or demand

I hope you are wondering “Where could I go to do this?”   Just go to and follow the instructions.  No cost or obligation, so … what are you waiting for?