Are we really that stupid?  Sadly, the answer is ‘yes.’  Did you know that we in the U.S. are engaged in the GREATEST TRANSFER OF WEALTH IN ALL OF HUMAN HISTORY?  Yes, your and my hard-earned money is POURING out of our country by the billions, going to China, the Middle East, etc.  We’ve given billions to Iran, who avowedly hates us and revels in our destruction.  Billions go to China for cheap goods, bringing prosperity to the Chinese while American workers aren’t working!


It may seem like America’s supply of money is inexhaustible (and when even that isn’t enough, we simply print more), but a FOOL AND HIS MONEY always have a day of reckoning.  That is coming soon for Americans.  Wave your little Chinese-made American  flag all you want, cite your trite phrases (America the beautiful; one nation under God; etc.).  Keep kidding yourself.  Reality is about to kick you in the ass.

If you are going to part with some of your cash, support our cause. Instead of throwing your money away, you will be helping us all. Every dollar helps.