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This University of British Columbia professor (Dr. William Rees) has a message about human over-sonsumption, and the facts to back it up, which is just …  I find it hard to select words that convey the power of his message.  Yet despite the warnings from him and hundreds of other scientists globally, the reality of our concern about this state of affairs, and the lack of any change in our behavior, points to the following:

  1. Most of it is ignored, because who cares if we are destroying the Earth which gave us life, the plants (without which we couldn’t breathe), the animal life of which we are one and a part – who cares, as long as I GET MINE.
  2. Those who we choose (elect, appoint, pay) to lead us only select the data that aligns with their career growth
  3. We give lip service to pollution, while a garbage dump twice the size of Texas floats in the ocean
  4. The Earth is 1/4 land and 3/4 ocean, yet we have so polluted the oceans that pregnant human females are cautioned against eating much fish (because toxins accumulate disproportionally in the fetus).
  5. Ice is white – ocean water is black.  By raising the climate even 1 degree, more white glacial and arctic ice is melted, turning into black water.  White reflects (repels) heat from the sun and other sources, while black absorbs it.
  6. The sun, without which life would instantly cease, has become the cancer-causing enemy (because our need for under-arm deodorant has destroyed a significant potion of the Earth’s ozone layer).
  7. Stephen Hawking, highly respected physicist, has warned that we need to step up our endeavors to travel to and colonize Mars, because at the rate we are going the Earth’s resources will quickly become inadequate to support the human population:
    1. We are currently at almost 8 billion people, going to 10-11 billion in the next few decades
    2. Most of that growth is in developing, resource-poor, socioeconomically disadvantaged, and under-educated parts of the world
    3. At the same time, humans globally are RUSHING toward the western model of ownership and consumption.  As mentioned by Dr. Rees, when China achieves this model (and they are well on their way), it will take ALL the resources, NOT of Earth, but of FOUR EARTHS, to supply the necessary resources.  So – BAD NEWS – COLONIZING MARS BASICALLY WON’T HELP A BIT!
    4. We are currently approaching the point where, at current levels of consumption, we are using up (eating, burning, destroying) 50% more of Earth’s resources than it can replenish.

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