You may have noticed in your grocery store that some foods are labeled non-gmo (in green letters).  I try to pick these items when possible even when they cost a little more, and would encourage you to do the same.

One thing that makes our food safe in the U.S. is labeling requirements.  Food suppliers have to tell us what is in the food we are buying (its ingredients) – that is, unless our federal government, in collusion with big, rich, and powerful corporations decide not to tell us because it cuts into their profits.  In that case, they use their greed and muscle to withhold this important information.

GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism.  Our glorious planet Earth has created us humans and all life, and naturally provides food, water, oxygen – all the things we need to survive and thrive.  The basis or building blocks of life are in our DNA, but does it concern you that some folks in a lab have figured out how to genetically modify food, and even animals?  Further that the government is conspiring to keep you from knowing when you are consuming these modified foods?  Still further, that our government has decided (in the case of crops) to mix genetically modified seeds in with natural seeds so that growers won’t know whether their seeds are modified or not?  Their plan is that crops like soy will be permanently modified, and (if the government/corporate machine has its way), any attempt to buy or use natural seeds will be illegal.  In fact the government is already acting against growers of natural seeds and the farmers who buy them.

This is government at its worst, the tyranny that our pilgrims and founders left England to get away from.  We can no longer count on our elected representatives (politicians) to intercede for us.  We need to unite, stand up in courage, and insist that our elected representatives do their job as public servants.  Join us.