You are thinking “Why do we need a vision?  The rest of life doesn’t have one, and they do fine.”  Yes that’s true, but the rest of life lives in 100% harmony with their design, filling a vital niche in the continuing saga of life on Earth.  Humans, on the other hand:

  • Have lost their way
  • Have no idea who they are
  • Have no idea where they fit (their niche)
  • Have no idea what the profile of a happy, healthy human looks like
  • Universally know they are behaving in multiple ways that are unsustainable (meaning we can’t continue to do them), but have NO idea of what the “better way” is

Most all of us 7 billion humans know we have these problems.  What we are desperate for is ANSWERS.

Here are some:

  • How do happy, healthy humans live? In groups, communities, villages, tribes, eyeball to eyeball, face to face, everyone known, everyone needed.  The hierarchy in these communities is kept in check because the elders have to live with, to face, to be accountable to the other members of their community (as compared to the one-size-fits-all style of central governments, who have NO IDEA of who you and I are or of what our particular community needs).
  • What is our niche? Humans’ function (purpose, niche) in the cycle of life on Earth is:
    1. To be a servant to, take care of, nurture Earth and the rest of life on it
    2. To take life, in its BEST aspect, to the planets and stars
  • What is our creed?
    1. The Golden Rule – Do unto others …
    2. The Hippocratic Oath – Do no harm
    3. The Prime Directive – Never interfere with the growth and progress of another

Join our cause, and help us regain our vision and return to peace!