Society wants to keep us in fear.  Businesses keep us buying their products using fear and greed.  I want to break out, to live free, and I know that many of you do too.  But how?

  • Admit that our present course is unsustainable.  It isn’t working
  • Dig down and uncover the root cause of our modern problems (see
  • Be willing to concede that the problem doesn’t lie with those who have the power, but in us because we have turned our freedom and power over to others
  • Together, in unity, create a shared Global Grassroots Vision, one that millions of humans globally will be magnetically attracted to
  • Insist on returning power to people globally, in their villages, communities, groups.  Insist that governments and leaders return to their proper role as Public Servants.

If we do this, we will do no less than change the ENTIRE COURSE OF HUMANITY – away from behavior that cannot continue, to a life in harmony with our design, in harmony with Earth and the rest of life on it, a life which is sustainable, a life where our children and grandchildren have access to the same beautiful planet and the same opportunities as did their elders in ages past.

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