There are 10 million species of life currently alive on Earth.  Every one of them lives 100% true to its species.  Every one of them lives 100% in harmony with the niche it fills.

Except one.  Humans, a grand experiment in intellectual brilliance, lives neither in harmony with our design, nor with our niche.  So intelligent, yet we don’t even know who or what we are – what IS our human design? What niche ARE we created for?

We are separated, no longer whole. We are lost. Our wars and politics and murder, rape and suicide and violence and terrorism and ethnic cleansing and genital mutilation, are symptoms not of a healthy species, but of a sick one.  Although our childish, deluded minds fashion us as quasi-gods, actually we are more a blight, pestilence, plague, virus, cancer, a negative rather than positive influence on the awesome, fragile balance of life on Earth.

As with any species out of balance, Mother Nature quickly (by Her timeclock) restores balance.  That She is currently doing.  We selfish, immature homo sapiens sapiens probably won’t be around a lot longer – another species will replace us, one that looks like us but lives in harmony with Earth and the rest of life on it, instead of killing, ravaging, destroying.