What is worse than caging an animal that wants to be free?  The only thing worse is if that animal caged itself.  That’s us humans.

You may think you live freely, but that is an illusion:

“It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society”

If you lived freely you wouldn’t need to be “governed,” managed, ruled, led, told what to do, have half of your wages taken and spent by others, told by others how to live your life and raise your kids.  No one tells gorillas how to live – elephants don’t need governments.  Does it make sense that only humans are so evil and devious and dangerous that they must be “managed” like children?

Does this mean no governments?  No, but governments, bureaucrats, politicians are supposed to be nothing more than public servants.  I think you will agree they’ve gone WAY beyond that, and many are oppressing the very people who put their trust in them and who they are supposed to be serving.  That’s what happens when you give away your power, your passion, your choice, and your money to others.

Will these governments and leaders voluntarily stop what they are doing?  Of course not.  But they will if they have no choice, and that will happen when we get frustrated enough with the deteriorating quality of our lives to unite around a common, human, global vision, and demand our freedom back.

Don’t believe that all of humanity could agree on a common vision?  Yes, we can.  It’s just a matter of how bad we are going to let things get before we stand up in courage and maturity and integrity, and aspire to something greater than ourselves.

I believe you are the person with that courage – a warrior or warrioress who will fight if necessary to be free.  If so, go to our website and let us know who you are.  No cost or obligation – just the chance for a life beyond your wildest dreams!