Here is something we found interesting:

After Tuesday’s torrential deluge, the mayors of Miami and Miami Beach used widespread flooding as political springboards, promising to push their cities to fund crucial anti-flooding projects…. Read More

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS ARTICLE.  This is a textbook case of the madness that is government and politics, a classice

example of the typical political response to a disaster:

  1. exploit people’s fear
  2. concoct a solution that won’t solve the problem, won’t serve the long-term needs of the people, but further’s the politicians chances for election or re-election
  3. STEALS from the very people who elected, supported, put their confidence in them (the politician).  The article mentions that a $2 million contract was awarded, a contract that has since exploded to over $14 million, and still doesn’t include the generators that were needed in the first place!
  4. The article describes how this politician couches his/her responses to show how responsive and in-tune he/she is, while conveniently not mentioning that the need and the danger of not acting was brought to their attention years before, and because it didn’t further their career, they ignored it.

People believe the lie that governments help us, protect us, watch out for us, make us safe, make our lives easier and more prosperous.  If you simply look out in the world of today, or turn on the news for 5 minutes (which I don’t do), you will see that governments and politicians are doing just the opposite.  UNBELIEVABLY, governments and politicians OPPRESS the very people who count on and support them.

People believe the lie that governments help the poor (hence the interest in socialism).  Here’s the truth:  take away the millions of people who give of their time unselfishly just to help those in need; take away the church groups, missionaries, etc.; take away the civic and non-profit groups, the cities and counties who serve the needs of the under-served; take away the $ billions of dollars in donations which many of us give for charitable causes – take all this away, and you will discover a STARTLING FACT:  governments do not do ONE THING for the poor.  In fact they make their lives WORSE!

The DID-YOU-KNOW DEPARTMENT:  Did you know that there are several poor and developing countries who have been receiving aid from the west for years, who have made it very clear that THEY DON’T WANT IT ANY MORE.  The reason is because this phoney, career-building, ego-driven “help” is destroying the very culture that they pretend to be “helping.”

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